Turn More Of Your Visitors Into Customers

Driving more traffic to your website is just part of generating more sales. You should also focus on converting as many of those visitors into customers as possible. More business owners are starting to understand the importance of using search engine optimization to help increase their website traffic. But not enough also focus on improving their conversion rates. Conversion Rate Optimization (or CRO) can be just as important in increasing your sales.

To illustrate our point, let's say you average 100 visitors to your website per day and 10% of those visitors actually become paying customers. The definition for what's considered a conversion can vary from business to business. It might mean they buy something from your e-Commerce website or it could mean they call, Email or visit your brick and mortar store. In our example, with this initial amount of web traffic and conversion rate, you'd average around ten actual customers per day.

If you double the amount of visitors to your website, but keep your web conversion rate the same, then you'll increase your number of customers to twenty per day. But if you also improve your conversion rate from 10% to 20%, now you've quadrupled your customers to 40 per day.

Generate More Sales From Your Existing Traffic

Often it's easier to increase conversion rates than it is to drive more traffic to your website. One of the main things to focus on is making sure your landing pages aren't too cluttered. Make sure it's very clear to your customer what your desired call to action is and why they should take advantage of it. The other advantage to CRO is that it can yield immediate results, whereas improving your SEO can take months to bear fruit.

Another important area to focus on to improve your web conversion rate is to do everything you can to establish credibility right out of the gate with your customer. If there are any professional designations or affiliations you can display or testimonials from satisfied customers to instill confidence in your business, then you should put those front and center.

Conversion Rate Optimization vs Search Engine Optimization

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There are times where the techniques that work best for search (plenty of text for the search engines) can hinder your conversions (clean design with clear calls to action) and vice versa. You can pick deeper pages to focus on your SEO and top level landing pages to focus on CRO to improve your sales or you can try to use hybrid design techniques that implement best practices from both of these philosophies.

There are plenty of tools that can be used for feedback to see what users experience when they visit your website. While there will always be differing opinions on which designs will be most effective in improving sales, the best methodology is to let the customers decide by testing different designs to see what's most effective in improving your website conversion rate optimization.

At Calibrate Marketing, our advertising agency can not only help drive more traffic to your website, but our conversion optimization services can help generate more sales by getting the maximum amount of business from the visitors to your website.