A Strong Online Marketing Focus is Your Best Investment

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At Calibrate Marketing, our agency considers your advertising plan to be one of the most important investments that you’ll make in your business. Whenever you consult with a financial planner, the ones with your best interests at heart usually make sure you have all your insurance needs adequately covered to protect your existing assets before they start working on trying to grow your portfolio. We take a similar approach with your advertising. We make sure you have your online marketing locked down first before we turn our focus to traditional media.

Another good analogy is comparing traditional media to renting a building and web marketing to buying it. What will you ultimately have to show for your investment long term? What happens after a radio campaign ends or a newspaper ad runs? What if someone wasn’t tuned in to that particular station or didn’t pick up the paper that day? Will it do anything to help you achieve top search engine results? What if instead, you invest in local SEO marketing? Not only can improved organic local search results bring you more customers than traditional media, but that investment never goes away. Watch the following video to see why we think a strong online marketing focus is your best investment:

Focusing on local internet search results is a much better return on your investment than traditional media. Radio campaigns, television commercials, newspaper ads, billboards, vehicle wraps, etc. are expensive and if you’d instead use those same dollars or even a portion of those dollars and invest in improving your local search engine rankings, then you’ll not only attract more customers in the long run, but that investment keeps working for you around the clock.

It’s okay to occasionally mix in some traditional media for some short term results, but for any type of image building campaign, try to invest the majority of your advertising in opportunities with long term web search results.

You need to be smart about what internet areas you focus on, because even some online investments have no residual value. Pay per click advertising and Email campaigns can provide some short term gains, but have no lasting impact on your search engine marketing placement.

Online Marketing Works Around The Clock and Never Goes Away

When we recommend an online marketing focus, we’re only talking about making investments that improve your organic local SEO results. That type of web marketing never goes away. Always be thinking about what you can be doing to improve your reputation in the real world and your online reputation with the search engines.

The only drawback with search engine optimization is that it takes time for your investment to bear fruit. That’s why we recommend planting these seeds early to give the search engines time to recognize and reward your efforts. SEO marketing isn’t a quick fix. But it’s the smart and steady way to grow your business.

The main advantage of internet marketing is that it is cumulative. Consistently generating blog posts and garnering as many positive online customer reviews as possible adds up and improves your search results over time. If a potential advertising medium doesn’t offer any long term legs for future search results (even high visibility items like a billboard or vehicle wrap), then you might consider doing something else.

Calibrate Marketing Tree With Coins Springfield MO Full Service Marketing AgencyMuch like the value of compounding interest with investing, your online footprint is cumulative and will continue to grow over time if you follow the proper strategies and keep adding to it. It’s not nearly as expensive or difficult as you might think. It’s just a new way to start thinking about the most efficient method for marketing your business.

This mindset separates Calibrate Marketing from other advertising firms. Once we’ve maximized your online presence and turn to traditional media, our advertising consultants continue to grow your online footprint by taking your radio ads and adding slideshow pictures to convert them into videos and post them online onto your YouTube channel. Same thing with any television commercials. We can even take your print ads and post them on your website.

Taking all of this traditional media and filling it with geo-coding, descriptive keywords and tags will help you not only see short term gains from your traditional media, but long term gains from posting everything online and expanding your internet footprint and improving your local search results.