Attract More Traffic To Your Website with On-Site SEO

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Much like a doctor should strive to get the root cause of your medical issues and stop masking the symptoms with drugs, you should take a holistic approach to your online marketing and start by examining your website first. You’ll do more to improve search engine rankings in the long run by getting all your internal website optimization completed first than you’ll ever accomplish with extensive off-site SEO marketing.

Google has modified their search engine algorithms in an attempt to thwart those who cheat the system by bolstering their online search results with excessive links. So the best way to drive more traffic to your website is to find out what keywords people are actually typing into Google whenever they perform an Internet search for your type of business and make sure you incorporate those keywords into the actual text of the pages on your website. You might find that you’ll need to add additional keyword rich subpages to cover all the various permutations. But you’ll need to be careful about striking the proper balance and make sure your website copy still makes sense for your actual customers. Your website needs to be appealing to both man and machine.

Incorporate A Blog and Encourage Reviews for Top Search Engine Rankings

In the past, the main value of a separate off-site blog was considered to be the links from each blog post back to your website. But it turns out that having a bunch of links from a low-visibility blog to a low-visibility website doesn’t really help.

What is helpful is incorporating the blog as part of your website to keep your website fresh. Google considers fresh websites to be more relevant than websites that haven’t changed over a long period of time. But the biggest boost from incorporating a blog as part of your website comes from the content itself that you generate on your blog. These blog postings can create additional potential keyword matches in the body of your website.

While getting more links was a common Internet marketing tactic of the past, online reviews have become the new SEO juice you should focus on increasing. The more positive online reviews that you can garner from your customers, the more it can boost your search engine rankings. You should showcase your positive reviews and make it easy for customers to click and write online reviews as part of your website. Allowing live reviews as part of your website has the same two website marketing benefits of incorporating a blog. It keeps your website fresh and it creates additional potential keyword matches in the text of your website.

Black Hat vs White Hat SEO

With Google getting more aggressive in penalizing websites that are "over-optimized" via their Panda update, it's more important than ever to work on your improving your SEO the right way. Getting to the top of search results by purchasing a bunch of links could reap short term gains, but if Google drops the hammer on you for using black hat SEO techniques, you may be better off starting over with a new domain rather than try to repair the damage of being blacklisted.

Bad Panda

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With all this additional text on your website, you’ll probably have customers who won’t want to read everything. So videos can be a valuable tool in summarizing who you are and what you do. When you add in the power of how geo-tagged videos with keyword rich descriptions can improve your search engine marketing placement, you should strongly consider adding videos to your website to help drive more traffic as well as convert more of those website visitors into actual paying customers. See The Power of Video for more information.

When it comes to maximizing your on-site local search engine optimization, you definitely need to have an attention to detail. You need to make sure that all your meta titles, page summaries and keywords match the text that is actually displayed on your page. Google can’t read PDFs or pictures, so you need to fill out descriptive alt tags for your pictures and list the text instead of displaying a PDF whenever possible. By taking advantage of all these best search engine practices within your website, you’ll find that you don’t need nearly as much off-site SEO marketing to drive more traffic to your website.