What Makes Calibrate Different From Other Advertising Agencies?

For starters, we hate contracts, plain and simple. We don't like getting locked into something before we have a chance to determine whether it's working or not. So we never ask you to sign a contract when working with us. Once we determine the scope of our involvement, we will quote you a flat monthly fee. You won't pay us until the end of our first month working together, so we've had a chance to prove ourselves. And any month where you don't think you're getting your money's worth out of us, then we'll simply settle up, shake hands and part ways as friends. We like having to earn your business every month. It keeps us honest and makes sure you're always getting our best effort.

Most traditional advertising agencies have an inherent conflict of interest. The more they can convince you to spend on a large radio or television campaign, the higher their commission. That's why any agency discounts that we negotiate for our clients go back into your pocket. Instead of trying to get you to spend as much money as possible, we take the opposite approach. How can you spend as little money as possible each month and still get the biggest bang for your buck?

When you hire Calibrate Marketing, you're getting much more than a traditional advertising agency. You're getting marketing advice, business consulting and many other services all rolled into our partnership. These pieces need to work together hand in hand.

In the past, marketing and advertising were pretty much the same thing. But these days, your advertising should be just one small piece of the puzzle. You need to look at every part of the process from your internet marketing when customers first search for your business to the end of the transaction when you make a sale as an opportunity to build your brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. That holistic process, from beginning to end is what we call marketing.

Definition of Marketing Springfield MO

Any advertising agency that is simply focused on your media buys is not only overpriced, but also short-sighted. We focus on the big picture. Contact us today and let us show you how Calibrate Marketing is different than most traditional advertising agencies.